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Sansevieria Superba -Snake Plant

Sansevieria Superba -Snake Plant

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Other Name: Sansevieria, Good Luck Plant, Mother in Law’s Tongue

reclassified from Sansevieria to Dracaena

It's an Easy To Care for House Plant.

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Light Requirements: tolerates low light, although it does best in bright light to full shade

Water Requirements: These plants like water thoroughly when soil is dry, Allow soil to completely dry between watering. Do not leave in water, it will rot the roots- allow the water to come through drain holes.

Every home’s conditions will be different depending your temperature & humidity the water requirements will vary. Over time your leaves can become dusty or have watermarks, gently wipe the leaves with a damp paper towel with very small amount of soap. 

*If possible, these plants thrive with filtered water, or rain water

Plants ship Monday - Thursday, this way they aren’t’ in a box over the weekend. OPEN Package right away. Let us know if you have any problems with you purchase within 24hrs of receiving.

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